Creativity in a Corporate World

Written by Sadhana Subramanian

I was about 6 months into working at my first full time job after graduating from NYU when I realized that I had become every 20-something’s worst nightmare: a boring adult, fallen victim to the monotonous 9-5 lifestyle. My daily schedule consisted of waking up, walking to work, staring at a computer for 8 hours, walking back home, staring at a tv for 3 hours, and eventually falling asleep out of sheer boredom. One day after binging the entire series of The Office for the 3rd time, I came to the realization that I needed a hobby.

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Artists at a Cultural Nexus

Written by Sonal Somaiya

Whenever someone asks me “What are you?”, I hesitate to answer. Pretending to be unaware of the underlying question they’re asking (What ethnicity are you?), I typically reply with the truth: I’m American. This usually elicits a “No, but what ARE you?” After making the asker think twice about the irony of this exchange, I’ll give a more nuanced explanation, “I was born in Texas, but my parents are Indian”. Then I’ll get the confirmatory nod.

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Finding my Cultural Spirit through Bollywood Dance

Written by Mariam Matin

Despite growing up in a city as diverse as Houston, I found myself in remarkably, often blindingly white situations, especially in school. Beyond the classroom, I was the eldest daughter of immigrant parents, the eldest cousin growing up in the U.S., and the only kid my age in our desi friend circle. I don’t remember being too disturbed by any of this growing up, it was my normal. What I didn’t realize till so much later in my life was that it left me feeling incredibly out of sync with my peers.

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